port of menteith

Projects Group

The Port of Menteith Community Projects Group has entered into new agreements with the Executors of the Late Jean Graham’s Estate and Rednock Estate to manage and maintain the Jubilee Wood picnic area & car park and the Lake shore from a point north of Kate’s Brae to the plantation immediately south of the Inchmahome car park

The Jubilee Wood picnic area and car park was originally established in the 1970’s by the Stirling District Council Ranger service but it is now in a dilapidated state and on March 3rd, a group of National Park Volunteers and members of the Port of Menteith Community Projects Group tidied the surface of the picnic area & car park, cleared litter, removed the rotting picnic tables and took away fallen tree from the Lake shore opposite.

Two new picnic tables have been ordered and plans are in hand to replace the information board and produce new interpretation material.  The fence along the roadside will also be replaced at some stage as will a slight re-alignment of the entrance.

Initially, the main work on the shore will be to clear fallen or partly fallen timber caused by the winter storms, remove a couple of rotten trees and generally keep it clear of litter.

The National Park Rangers have given a commitment to visit these areas during their routine patrols of the area in the summer months and they will also be included in patrols by the rangers and local police as part of the ‘Operation Ironworks’ scheme.

Any member of the community wishing to become involved with the Community Projects Group should contact Keith Graham on 01877 385232 or at jkeithgraham@hotmail.com.