port of menteith

Primary School

Welcome to our school!

Port of Menteith Primary School is a small, rural primary school, and is the oldest school in the Stirling Council area, dating back to 1697.

We have a standard and expectation of excellence in our work and play and we believe in open and honest communication. We treat every individual with respect and we think that the best in life is possible for every pupil, parent, and member of the school community.

Our aims and positive ethos determine our targets and expectations. The school works closely with Stirling Council’s Education Services. Their support, guidance and advice ensure that the school provides equal opportunities for all our children. The school also works closely with neighbouring schools. We have a dedicated staff, committed to offering the best educational opportunities to all our children and working well together as a team. We work in partnership with parents and members of the school community. We believe a solid home-school partnership is one of the keys to success for your child, and we look forward to working with you.

Website: http://www.portofmenteithprimaryschool.btck.co.uk