port of menteith

Community Council

“The general purpose of a community council is to act as a voice for its local area. This will involve it in articulating the views and concerns of local people in its area on a wide range of issues of public concern and make representations to the local authority, other public sector bodies and private agencies on matters within its sphere of interest”.

The Port of Menteith Community Council area stretches to Braeval in the west, in the north to a line from Ben Dearg through Loch Ruskie,  eastwards to Dunaverig and in the south to the River Forth.  Although located in Perthshire, the Community Council falls within the administrative area of Stirling Council.

The Port of Menteith Community Council is a member of the Community Partnership which supports communities in the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.

Community Council Members

The membership of the Port of Menteith Community Council consists of eight people resident in the Community Council area and elected by the local community. The current members are as follows:

Peter Stewart Chair
Keith Graham Vice-Chair & Secretary
John Tilman Treasurer
Sheena Makgill-Crichton
Christopher Nairn
John Walker
Alison Forrester
Nigel Cole
Valerie Graham Minutes Secretary (non-elected)


One of the three Stirling Council’s elected Councillors for the area and a Board Member of the National Park Authority also attend meetings.

Schedule Of Meetings

Meetings are held every two months and are open to the community.  The schedule of meetings for 2016 is:

Monday 15th February 2016
Monday 18th April, 2016
Monday 20th June 2016
Monday 15th August 2016
Monday 17th October 2016
Monday 5th December 2016


Meetings are in the Port Hall and begin at 7.00pm.